Luck and Space Shrines: Remastered

There are many space shrines built all around the galaxy. You should pay a visit.

Luck and Space Shrines are one of my old ideas I’ve suggested on this forum. The reason I’m remastering this just because I can’t (yet another) withstand the lack of use of coins. Welp, let’s get into it.


Luck are some mechanic to enchant your profit in game. They boost up your food collecting speed, key amount and other stuff. They also boost your firepower chance too. Luck can be only get by paying a visit at the shrine.

Luck will:

  • Increase chance of dropping a firepower
  • Increase chance of dropping a large food
  • Increase chance of dropping a key
  • Multiply your key by [luck level]%

NOTE: They won’t affect competitive missions because of an obvious reason.

Space Shrine

Space Shrine or just shrine are located all over the galaxy. They don’t sit in any star system but everywhere. Their appearance are toriis (Am I saying this right?) built on an asteroid, the shrine itself however can’t bee seen from your camera.

Once you enter the shrine, you can:

  • Pray: activate your luck boost, your luck boost level will depend on your coins you’ve donated. The time of luck is always 2 hours. Each Praying will have a 4 hour cooldown.

  • Donate: with the coins you’ve amassed from completing missions, you can go to here and donate to it. Depends on the amount of coins you’ve donated, the luck level will follow:
    100 coins = 1 level, 1 level = 1%. The cap is at Level 30 (30%) and you cannot donate more once you capped. The luck level will reset when your luck runs out.

The coins value:

  • Small coin = 10 coins
  • Medium coin = 20 coins
  • Large coin = 30 coins