Looking for ideas about Squadrons

Update v.19 will introduce squadrons. Here’s an overview of how squadrons currently work:

  • A squadron is a simple grouping of players.
  • You can purchase squadron licenses to create (“own”) a squadron.
  • You can own as many squadrons as you want.
  • Squadrons have a limited number of members (starting from 2 and going up to 9, depending on how much the license has been upgraded).
  • Owners can customize the squadron’s name and invite other players to join their squadron. Invitations will be handled in a manner similar to existing contact requests. You can invite anyone, not just contacts.
  • You can be a member of as many squadrons as you want.

Squadrons in v.19 won’t have any in-game effect just yet. Here’s where you come in. We’d like to hear your suggestions. Here’s what we have in mind so far:

  • Every time a mission is successfully completed by the owner, he can ‘assign’ it to one (and only one) of his squadrons. Members of that squadron that then fly that same mission within 72 hours will receive additional score and/or key rewards. The more members fly that mission, the greater the rewards. That mission will also count towards the squadron’s daily/weekly statistics (and hence medals).
  • Squadron performance will be ranked (similar to to personal rankings). Separate rankings will (probably) need to be held for each squadron size (number of members).
  • Weekly squadron-only challenges.

When suggesting an idea about squadrons, think about if/how your suggestion would support multiple squadrons. Would it equally work regardless of how many squadrons the player is a part of?


Add a small icon next to the player’s callsign so you can tell in which squadron someone is, also it would be customizable. :slight_smile:
Also if possible when playing a mission someone already played in that squadron it would be neat to actually see that player in-mission when flying, so basically you would see someone else’s movements during the mission, nothing else, it would be toggleble on/off.


I think that a squadron chat is a must-have in a mmo (and a chat was already suggested before) so I point this at first.

My ideas:
1)An ability to allow squadron members to challenge on the same mission
(Is not the multiplayer)
So… a user (one time a day) give as a challenge to the squadron one of his favourite mission and the others can play it. (Did I explained well?)

This idea could coexist with mine since this could be exclusive to the owner (and he can do this to any mission he wants) while the other players could do only the other (that rely to victory-ed favourites)

2)A way to donate superweapons, extra lives and other perishable could be an incentive to join in.
Every 2500 keys worth donations will award the player with the “kindness award” medal


I also want custom squadron banners like EA suggested.
While the assign mechanic sounds cool the fact to get the best rewards is to play one mission over and over (And only the owner can pick the mission) is pretty saddo. However I like that you can share missions this way.
Most of mobile games with clans have ranks in them. A leader can promote a member to a higher member or co-leader. This could fix the mission problem partly.
Short squadron discriptions plz.
Squadron search.
A squadron could have point milestones as well, awarding keys or special rewards to members.
Special squadron perk the leader can pick, which gives different bonuses depending on choice. The higher tier the squadron is (like my earlier idea) the better the perk is. I think it would be balanced if a player can only have a single squadron perk activated at a time.

That’s all from me.

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I like this, but I think the members of the ſquadron ſhould have to go to the miſſion location to fly the miſſion; this’d encourage ſquadron members to ſtick together on the map.

Kinda bad idea. I don’t want to have screen spammed with icons.

We still don’t have replays system so it’s not possible.

Yeah, but we won’t have a chat. There are tons of programs that do this job.

Eh, this would make members bunch up and make them not be able to go anywhere themselves. They would have to travel half the galaxy to get to a old favourited mission.

Ability to buy was still in the very first version

You did ſee the word “can”, didn’t you?

They can be small and just by a player’s name. You know like a verified icon or something.

Having it in the game and directly in the squadron will be faster and easier. Especially if you want the squadron to have a private chat, or not spam your discord with “where we droppin’ boiz? boss rush?”.

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Why players should comunicate with another program?
Is more pratical in game


Maybe create special Squadrons shop with exclusive items

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Why? No point of having it behind a sqadron aside from the fact you have to pay for the license first.

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Well they could also be stacked under the player’s callsign, then you can join 100s of 'em.

Why it’s not possible?

Yes, yes I did. Look at galaxy screen. What do you see? Callsigns of other players. You “can” turn them off, but when you like to know where everybody is and someone decided to join 50 squadrons it will be a problem.

That’s just one icon so it’s not a problem. I’m talking about more icons. Like really more icons.

Not exactly. We have Steam overlay, discord overlay. Both can handle group chats. We have also team-speak with voice talk. And I’m pretty sure you can just create a channel in every program that I mentioned so you don’t spam in your other channels

See above.

Because to make you see other player in squadron movement you need to have it’s movement as a set of coordinates - the main idea behind replays system. See worms armageddon replay system for more info.

Needs some protect like “Write how much is ▄▄▄?”

I still don’t see why it’s impossible, they could implement it, not in the first version of squadrons ofc but later…

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It’s impossible for now. They would need to make replays first.

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About icons, there could be one icon which means user is in sqad and when you click to user/looking for his profile information, you can see how much squadrons he has/he is member.


Point 1: I don’t have any of these programs (and probably not every member too)
Point 2: The game will be mobile
Point3: Is pratical, free and doesn’t use too much memory of your pc
Point 4: If you don’t want a thing maybe others would like it (You can still don’t use it and use discord)
Point 5: What’s the point of a mmo if we can’t feel that is multiplayer?