Locations get raided by chickens

Heroware, campus, fortune teller,… sometimes get raided by chickens

We do not know when these locations will get raided

We will get notified when a raid happens

After a location get raided in a certain amount of time, the the location will be destroyed and it will took 12h or more to repair

Once you and your fellow recruits successfully stopped the raid, you will get rewarded with keys and a higher discount for a short amount of time

The raid will have a progress bar and you can fill it up by doing missions in it

Easy will fill the bar 5%
Intermediate will fill the bar 20%
And hard will fill the bar 30%

You can’t equip skills for these missions

Raid only happens when there are at least 1 location and 2 players in one star system and the notification only notifies people in OR nearby the raided location’s star system

Also sorry for bad English


I think theſe percentages ſhould vary with the number of active recruits, ſo that more people are required to ſtop the raid if there are more people total.



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