Henprie Raid ~ Locations get raided by Chickens: Remastered

“Everyday, we pray for them to not come and attack us. They sometimes came and try to sabotage and destroy our stores. Luckily, recruits are nearby so we had a chance to survive and continue our business. But sometimes we’re unlucky, we called for help…but nobody came and so our place got destoyed. It takes a full day for us to repair the damage they caused. After fixing it, we again prayed for them not to come…”

Henpire Raid is randomly occurring event that takes place at regional stores and other man-made(?) structures. Everyday, the chickens will randomly attack random shops, academy, restaurants, and fortune teller tents throughout the galaxy. This event requires many recruits to stop it, making it a co-op mission(s). This suggestion is a remastered version of this suggestion I made in those first days I joined the forum.

When a raid occurrs within a recruit’s constellation, a S.O.S message will be sent to the recruit begging them to stop the raid. Raid can be seen by the chickens surrounding the building.

Defend: a way to stop the raid. The raid has a “health bar” (similar to Minecraft). Defend the raid by flying the mission within. There total of 5 missions. All of them are 50% - 100% difficulty and 10 waves. The skill is the way that depends on how much effort you provided to stop the raid.

  • Tourist destroys 1% of the raid
  • Rookie destroys 2% of the raid
  • Seasoned destroys 4% of the rsid
  • Veteran destroys 5% of the raid
  • Virtuoso destroys 7% of the raid
  • SSH destroys 8% of the raid

All missions here are “fly once” and “no turning back” (similar to UHF League). Other recruits will have those same missions.

If the raid stopped the building continues it’s market with a discount for the day.

If the raid wasn’t stopped the next day, that building is inactive (the building placed a sign says: repairing) and you can’t access that place for that day (you can still orbit it though).

Sorry mish, the chockens took your tea


Is this Mein Kraft?
Wait a second
In Space: Spacecraft
In a mine: Minecraft


69% of it.

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nice idea… just needs some improvements…

And as we know, big suggestions like this (or multiplayer, etc) will take a long time for IA to make them, and the game is about to be released soon
He is working tirelessly… So, i think that IA will release the game and after that, he will still improve it in updates (and will focus on these new features and multiplayer after official release…)

Well, you’re right but

Not even close to soon


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