Little question

would using an auto-clicker program be considered cheating?

Proooooobaaaably. Though I think there are game limitations so even if you click 100 times a second, you still only shoot a set amount of projectiles.


There are, indeed, some limitations.
To be specific, all weapons have a maximum manual fire rate of 6.5/s, except for the Corn Shotgun which is lower and the Riddler which for whatever reason reaches a manual fire rate of 20/s.


Yes, and you wouldn’t end up ſhooting any faſter.

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Yeah,you would,if you used riddler.

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True, but then juſt uſe automatic fire (although I ſuppoſe there’s the overheat problem). But if he does ſucceed, and is not booted for cheating, he’s ſtuck with the riddler, and at that point I really don’t think it’s worth it.

You’re underestimating riddler. Firing riddler 20 times is an overwhelming improvement compared to 10,2 shots per second you’d get with automatic fire. With 20 shots per second,it’s nearly as good as neutrons.

…at which point it’d be eaſier juſt to uſe neutrons.

I meant that Riddler comes close when it comes to DPS. When it comes to overheat,riddler is way better.

Wow, thanks a lot guys, now we have another weapon present we need to definitely avoid, because the Riddler has had its manual fire rate cap nerfed, thus making it useless.

To give you an idea, here’s what the DPS of the Riddler was at 20/s, compared to Neutron Gun, Utensil Poker and Corn Shotgun:

It also took very long to overheat, longer than any overheatable weapon, and by setting it at 19.5/s and sacrificing a bit of the damage, you could even fire continuously without overheating. Now, here it is at its usual automatic rate of 10.2/s:

slow clap


Damage output fells too low in general. Hard missions should focus more on bullet hell/speed instead of “mash your spacebar/mouse button until one enemy dies”.

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Yeah,if ssh stayed the way it was before the first update,that could have been a thing.

Actually, should manual fire really be faster than automatic fire? My arm begins to hurt after mashing space for a while and I don’t nkow if this is healthy.

I feel you but there would be no reason for manual fire to exist if automatic fire would be faster… Also, better use the mouse when playing any CI game and obviously, take a break when your finger begins to hurt.

I find mouse clicking harder than mashing Space. But what if you could install a gadget on your spaceship that increases automatic fire rate?

Lol, for me it’s totally the opposite, spamming the left click is much easier and I can get more shots per second. And yeah, a gadget or upgrade of the weapon wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Actually, I’m right in the middle of trying to come up with an idea for rebalancing weapons, part of which is adding upgrades to weapon pods (just like replacing heat sinks and engines) that would increase rate of fire. But more on that when I actually make a proper topic lol.


Kinda removes the whole point of manual fire. And 6.5 clicks per second isn’t even that much,imo. Ci1 was 10 times worse.
A gadget like that would be…eh…I mean,with that,you’d also overheat way more. Maybe if overheat was also reduced…but then manual fire should also have something like that,for those who like to spam.


wait did we just get riddler nerfed?

Hang on… the custom riddler automatic rate was removed because we thought it was a bug. It would only be an improvement if you could manually fire faster than the automatic fire rate of 10/s.

But can anyone reasonably click @ 20 times per second? Or even >10 times per second? :thinking: :open_mouth:

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