Lightning color/shape

I know i posted that in early access 53 and i make it in own topic .
Its seem that the lightning strikes in electric planets are the same color (blue) and shape (single lign).
About color i think it should be as the same color as lightning around the orbit .
Like that :

Those lightning are light purple and there are other color , so the strikes color should be like it .

And about shapes , single lign:

Maybe sometime it will come like 2 lign collided, connected like real storm, i mean the strike that hit us not that at the edge of the screen.

So what do you think ?


Well your idea is good but what about lightnings striking in the planet instead of striking into orbit…I mean the lightnings on earth strike on ground not outside the planet so it would make sense.

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Yeah whatever , just that lightning have many color.

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The game already does this, but additive blending causes colors to go towards white. I’ve made some tweaks.

Changed in v.54 :medal_sports: Idea

That’s (a) hard to implement and (b) would become too difficult for the player to avoid.


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