Let's Get Academic! [Heroes Academy Upgrade Concept]

I’ve been thinking of ways to diversify the different special facilities as more than just specialized shops, and I have some ideas for the Heroes Academy!

Idea 1 - Chicken Dex

Uh-oh, I said the D word.
This has probably been suggested before, but I believe a Chicken Dex would benefit new players and provide more insight on new types of chickens added to the game. The dex would primarily display chickens that you’ve encountered and defeated (multiple times in the case of bosses). Chicken Dex entries would feature the canonical name of the enemy under scrutiny, typical strength (designated in categories of Puny, Weak, Brittle, Resilient, Strong, Hulking and “Uh-oh.”), brief overview of mechanical capability (aka the particular gimmick of the enemy), times defeated, times killed by and similar pointless stats (a la planet info) and some flavor text, a bio or backstory. Here’s a mockup.

Idea 2 - Wave Sim

Waves you’ve encountered repeatedly would be uploaded to a database once you stop by an Academy. If you encounter a wave in different difficulties, you’ll be able to simulate said wave in different difficulties between the difficulties you’ve played them in. In other words, if you play a mission and encounter “The Next Generation” at 25% difficulty and later encounter it at 75% difficulty, you can simulate any difficulty between 25 and 75, but not above or below. Perhaps rewards could be granted to the player if they fully cover a number of different waves with the full spectrum of difficulty (0%-100%).

Idea 3 - Mini-missions

Are you looking for some quick dosh? Do you have no clue what you’re doing and actually don’t care? DO I HAVE GOOD NEWS FOR YOU! For some easy purpose in life, visit your local Heroes Academy and do some odd-jobs in the system for them for a quick buck! Hunt down a number of certain enemies, live a couple of waves without using some aspect of your ship, do a certain mission to deliver a package, or whatever the janitor can come up with on the spot! You do it, we reward it! Just remember to record everything.

These are the main ideas that I got. I hope you like them, I put way too much effort into the mockups.
Well, one of them at least.
Do you guys think the different locations should be more than they are now, or is the simplicity of specialized shops perfectly fine? Let me know in the replies.
And as always, thanks for reading!


Planned feature.

A mission editor (that does what you suggested but better) is kinda planned = we MAY see it in the future

Nice concept (already suggested) and the game needs something like this


Hooray! I’m accidentally unoriginal!




Could you please stop writing in caps for 5 minutes?


mostly the best


Is the use ion blaster a lot’s “0/1000” means you need to shoot with ion blaster 1000 times? geez that’s crazy

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You fire your weapon a lot more than you realize, you know! And even then, I imagine it’d be easy to farm shots if you really wanted it done, especially with Overdrive now in the game.

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