Laser Cannon Color Bug

Shooting laser cannon color has two parts, no idea if its reported or not


Oh, you mean the horizontal line just between your spacecraft and the laser? I never noticed that.

Also, I believe a bug similar to this, but for another weapon, was reported in the past.

I care about little details too much, this bugged me way too much while using this weapon…

Oh, I see another line between your spacecraft and your engine.

Welp, gotta hope that IA fixes this.

these two lines are the main issue yeah, I kinda know what is causing the problem but IA knows better for sure

You know?

I suspect the ship part of animation is actually not a part of the laser but a sprite, which is colored a bit different than actual laser maybe because that part is affected by the color scheme of level

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Known: Early Access version 102 - #255 by anon10833164

This was unfixable with the previous engines, but now I believe the new engine can do certain things to alleviate it. It’s on the list, but it’s cosmetic and low-priority.


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