LAN games

you know what i found very annoying while playing multiplayer? THE PING.

and sometimes you cant even join any because of the NAT type.

So the solution to this not really are LAN games.

So that your friends over the same network and play multiplayer without any lag or anything. Also that it ignores the NAT issue.

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It’s already a thing. LAN multiplayer games have a green house icon next to them.


what i tried using aster so that my brother can play it just says that your router has symmetic nat and no house icon

tried both, still have symmetric and no isolation

Try forcing a UDP port, then

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bro port forwarding doesnt work for UDP, however if i try to forward a tcp or a minecraft server, it works fine.

already did.

Port 2500, crashes my game. other ports like 1080 DO WORK but only twice a month when my isp restarts their servers. (but only for 30 mins)

here, the second one nothing is wrong.

Tried using DMZ but that didnt even work.

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