Knockback Directly Proportional to Damage Inflicted

There are metal suited chickens which are pretty annoying to deal with because they’re knockable, if you’re using quantity based weapons, you’re in big disadvantage. They move a lot and they will be likely to escape before you can kill them.

So, to fix this issue, I propose as the title says, Knockback Directly Proportional to Damage Inflicted, that means high damage attack (like Neutron, Plasma) has stronger knockback than (riddler, vulcan, ion, etc.). This also means that lower fp weapon also has lower knockback, this can be an advantage because they won’t move as much, so you can kill them easily. Think like mildly annoying nudges vs Rhino ramming at you. Well, that’s weird analogy, but you get it.

This change should also affect pushing feathers, makes weapons like plasma and absolver can do better job to clear them.

Edit: and Bossa Nova too, you can save your finger now.


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