Key & Score Penalties

What are “Unoriginality penalty”, “Location fluctation” and how does it work? They seem to be quite common. In fact, I don’t understand how any of the key calculation works:

  • Base multiplier (keys), +300%
  • Difficulty bonus
  • Equipment perks

The unoriginality penalty appears when you play the same mission multiple times in a short time. Location fluctuation is basically a fluctuating value in sectors that makes the rewards sometimes more and sometimes less. Sort of like a random bonus or penalty which you cannot affect and is dependent on luck.

The base multiplier right now is for tasting purposes and serves as faster farming way. The difficulty bonus gives you more keys depending on the mission difficulty (the orange bar), and the equipment perks is - as far as I know - a bonus depending on your equipment.

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Unoriginality penalty…
Oh, yeah, we Sonic fans give thousands of those to this worthless tripe of a game.

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