Is this a bug? [Lightning hit/miss sound, no damage]

For some reason, the lighting fryer makes the “hit” sound and moves away and doesn’t damage it…

(Go to 0:11 and look at the lighting fryer, sorry for the horrible lagging)
Happens with plasma and positron as well.

Are you using v43.1? Desyncing can cause this type of weirdness.

I hope people are noticing how much effort is needed to support more than one active version of the game (i.e., a hotfix), and they start to understand why it’s important to issue a brand new incompatible version instead.


No, this is v43.2. It happened since v38.

Acknowledged. The problem is that there’s (just barely) no lock-on when you fire, but kickback pushes your spaceship downward (which causes a lock-on). However, by the time we get around to dealing damage, the spaceship is back in its original position again (hence, no lock-on).

Will need to investigate this further.


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