Early Access version 44

The overaching chickens wave has more space in the left than on the right, Intended?

What about all of these?

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This feels more like nitpicking than a bug report, not gonna lie. Besides, it’s not like it breaks the wave.
Sure, you can stand there, but it’s probably much more fun for you to kill the chickens.

There is a Reset to Default button at the bottom of the customization options. Just use that and remember where to position the “advanced color selection” sliders.

Auto Fire for Lightning, Positron and Plasma have a delay between each hit if auto fired is used. It’s more noticeable with Plasma because of it’s 5/s auto fire rate.

Question is: Have you actually completed the mission in the past? (As in you found it on a planet and finished it) Or are you in another squadron that just so happened to assign the same mission after you’ve completed the same exact assignment?
Otherwise, the green check mark does not mean the assignment is completed. It means the mission has been completed in the past.

Once again, this feels more like nitpicking than an actual bug report. It’s not going to break the game.


Why did you correct my grammar if it was perfectly fine to begin with though? Besides didn’t IA say not to do that anymore unless a post is literally incomprehensible?

Anyway, sorry to hear about your foot, hope you get well soon.

EDIT: Are you French by the way? I’m asking because of the way you write. “I have 27 years” for example.

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Yes, becauſe when they merge the midline is properly centered.

Someone just invited me to his squadron. When I click “accept” button, it doesn’t appear “are you sure?” .Internet lag or what?

No point. Assignments expire after 48 hours. Until they do, you can find them under their own tab.

Added to v.45 :medal_sports: Idea

Turns on additive blending (Blend modes - Wikipedia)

If it didn’t do that, it would also have to cover eggs (and we all know how that would turn out)

What @Sufi and @Traveller said.

Uh… I’d forgotten it, but that’s right. Currently, the hardest mission ends at 140%, so 180% with SSH. And I’ve been testing only up to 140%? Well, crap. No wonder some people were complaining about the difficulty :confounded:

Yes, so that the sides interweave rather than crashing into each other

Quips appear randomly.

Too complex to be worth it.

I’ve already answered this (Early Access version 43.2 - #187 by InterAction_studios)

I’ve already answered this too (Is this a bug? [Lightning hit/miss sound, no damage] - #4 by InterAction_studios). Don’t spam :angry:


That’s because you’ve already flown that assignment as an independent mission.

Known, but won’t fix.

Have you turned off “ask for confirmation”?


Not yet,srry

I like it how it is…

@InterAction_studios As you can see, when an explosive egg splats down, the yolk’s not red, may you fix that?

The red yolks are to tell you that they’re going to kill you if you touch them. If it’s yellow at the bottom, it’s because they won’t hurt you.

Basically, if it’s at the bottom and it’s still red, it hasn’t gone splat yet, it will kill you.


I recall that in one of the first early access versions they were hurting you anyway if you touch those eggs when they splat

What @OneWingLunarian Said.

I don’t recall that. I would find it odd if it were the case. Egg splats have always been harmless.


In fact it seemed a bit weird

I had the occaſional problem with that until I figured out the mechaniſm behind the exploſive eggs; the cauſe was that I’d get within range juſt as they reached the bottom of the ſcreen, and then I’d unwittingly run into the ſplats, thinking they were the harmleſs ones.


And now that their yolks turn red, this should no longer be a problem.

not in the flash version of CI3 :v


Well, that could be an interesting mechanic for a certain type of chicken…green yolks maybe?

  • :new: Added “Color blind” mode (@Alucard :medal_sports: Idea)
    What is that?

Some games have a colorblind mode to help players distinguish between in-game items that are normally colour-coded (in the case of CIU, gift boxes are the obvious one, though other things like barrier HP might also be affected).


Thank you