Is there a way to get through this wave without special weapons or satellites?

I was lucky that it was the very first wave in the mission. I had to reorder my Dimensional Phaseouts so I’d have enough to deal with this wave of torture. I still died once but better than dying twice.

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Well yeah, you have to watch carefully the eggs, and keep in mind that the gatlings are shooting at you while moving

There are two ways of dealing with this wave and both are hard and annoying.

  1. You can stick to one edge of the inner circle before they start shooting and slowly move away when they do.
  2. (Works only if you know that the wave contains gatlings) Go to the edge of screen before the wave starts and try going outside of the circle. This way you have more dodging space.
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hey, that’s my strat for emergency situations

Take a look at this post:

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