Epic and interesting waves

I know, I didn’t die. It’s just a bit surprising for me, they are so fast.

Metal-suit chickens wormhole after echnological advances with… those things.



The first one isnt hard at all. A omnidirectional ounslaught with chickenauts is the most crazy thing i ever whitnes. But really pisses me off when i dodge so many projectiles and then another come from nowhere.

i had that version of Technological Advances before.

How can you beat that Chicken Galting Gun Roulette? It is almost impossible without special weapons.

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Step 1: buy Soundodger+
Step 2: beat Solvalou
Step 3: become pro
Step 4: get beanbox (or don’t)

Okay, so basically stay in one spot away from the center (the red dot) until the gatlings stop firing, then move to the other side in between two lines of fire (the blue circle).


I had to do that one. Except with only 1 life and no missiles. I died on wave 16 afterwards.

I know such a wave as Pulsating gird, when you play on high complexity, you can die there 3-4 times or even more

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Those knockback chickens, I hate them.


That’s what miſſiles are for. I ſtill haven’t gotten the hang of chicken roulette with 5 Gatling guns, though.

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i feel you

Might be a bump,but I didn’t want to create a single thread just for this. Sadly,I didn’t screenshot it as soon as the wave started,but you can probably already imagine that this entire wave was filled with armored chickens and 5 chickenauts(and it was chicken roulette) just by looking at what’s left.


this is actually more epicer than the gatling gun roulette


@PenguinBOI, why on earth did you click the like button on a deleted poſt?!

I liked your deleted answer to orandza?

If you don’t even know…

Just bump this to remind you that:
Epic waves can also appear on Rookie skill (Tourist? I don’t know yet).

Three strikes and you’re out!

Literrally, I was out and dead.

Chick loop

Some… chunky chicks I guess.


very right time I guess :v


Top 10 photos taken before diaster.