Is the Egg Cannon Bigger than Henterprise?


I kind of want to know more about this game so i want to see a comparison. which do you think is bigger Henterprise or Egg Cannon, Post you Thoughts here. Also which is more difficult?

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Yes. egg cannon is bigger than henterprise


but why the canon is soooooooooo much harder than the egg canon??

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Well the Henterprise has more compact weapons so it is logical if it were smaller while being stronger/a harder boss.

nah egg cannon is harder

In the old version, the egg cannon is hard, but now is easy.

Egg Cannon Cannon Cannon Cannonade is much harder than regular one

Yeah, according to the in-game size, the Henterprise’s diameter is slightly larger than the egg cannon muzzle’s diameter


I’m curious, how big would the entirety of the Yolk-Star
be assuming you use the surface texture used in the final boss fight?

its weird

the cutscene yolk star scaled to the curvature of the surface texture is about 3 times larger in width and height than if its scaled to the yolk texture’s size
(the green circle is the hitbox it has in CIU)


I really wanna know how does this full sized Yolk-Star stack up against Earth, the Egg Cannon and the Henterprise?


something like this?

earth size was taken from the CI4 cutscene with the egg cannon, and the henterprise/egg cannon were scaled according to the yolk star’s CIU hitbox


So does this mean yolk star is bigger than henterprise? assuming the hitboxes are their sizes

They are almost equal
But yes yolk is bigger

the yolk star’s hitbox is bigger since it was made to match the curvature of the surface texture, im not sure how big the yolk star itself is actually supposed to be since it’s inconsistent

Yes, fun and games till u go to 90-100% diffticulty for egg cannon

Egg cannon in CIU is toooooo easy
In CI4 is better than this (even in superstar hero)

It has more health in CI4

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CI4 egg cannon is stupidly easy. At least having it instantly use its newest attacks when it’s down to its next phase can catch you off-guard(not that it has much else going for it). Won’t happen often, but it’s better than the pushover it was in ci4(tho admittely both still are easy).

I think this guy was talking about version 10.1 of ciu that buffed pretty much all bosses by a significant amount. Almost everything was significantly harder thanks to that.

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