Is it weird?

Does the Positron Stream worth 8,000 points because when I collected it, it shows this text (no image)
Positron Stream 8,000
Same goes to Plasma Rifle

Yes, it worth points. Not damage
Riddler worth more points than utensil

What about I say this: Ion Blaster worths 8,000

@PostYannaCurtis No, this has been changed in the latest update. All weapons are now worth 8,000 points.


Didn’t you read the change log?

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Stop thinking it’s weird without reading the patch notes.

@Nikito 's idea.

I just told him to change it in other way, instead of the old way where stupid weapons like riddler gave 13000 points.


was about to say that.

When I write fast as usual, it happens to botch some words.

I have calculated, if it’s the switching points is 8,000, the average is a 1,000 lower

at least you edited.

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