Is it supposed to be lighter?

I was looking at Heatsinks after buying the Reactor.
At first, I didn’t see it, but when I looked closer, I noticed this.

The Aluminium Nitride Heatsink was lighter than the Copper Heatsink. Was it an error? Or is it supposed to be like this?

I’m goïng to hazard a gueſs that aluminium nitride is a whole lot leſs denſe than copper, in which caſe it’s probably not an error.


We’ll see, it may or may not be an error.

Yes, aluminum is lighter than copper. Mass (weight) was originally supposed to affect your spacecraft’s in-mission speed, but this mechanic is currently disabled (so mass is inconsequential).

I don’t ſuppoſe anyöne’s come up with a good idea for what to uſe different engines for yet, have they?

Will weight affect maximum speed, or just make them move slower? Because if they have a gaming mouse, the speed penalty can be easily negated that way.

Regardless of how fast you move your mouse, there’s a limit to how fast the spacecraft will follow it. This is how it was until it was removed in version 3: Early Access version 03

This mechanic will eventually make a comeback, however, with the planned ‘heavy bomber’ spacecraft. You’ll get dual weapons (+50% more firepower) in exchange for moving more slowly.

I see. Okay.

Will the heavy bombers be any bigger phyſically than normal ſpacecraft?

Yes. Certainly wider, at least. And with a somewhat larger hitbox.


will we also have the millenium hatchling ship back? or it is the heavy bomber?

I’m pretty sure that’s not the bomber, considering it’s not any bigger than the M40X.

Though I do think we should get its model. Either as a normal family or as a rare ship only avaliable in some Heroware stores.

Can’t you bring it the way it was available? I feel like only 4 people were lamenting about “not precise controls”.

Will you bring back other soundtracks (retro, supernova and comet chase)? :wink:

The pre version 03 controls reminds me of configuring CI2 controls with a mouse (arrow keys to mouse). I prefer if such feature be reverted back to make the game somewhat more challenging - if missions were very easy, why not make it harder the other way!

Now let’s see how will you deal UCO + SSH with that and say “play tourist” later on! :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:

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I liked it then but now on SSH with so many projectiles and precision, its hard to see it come back. And if the bomber has a wider hitbox… it really makes a difference.


Try to dodge fast asteroids or bonus challenge wave with this slow movement :slight_smile:

I miss that system honestly. The game was having more -realistic- gameplay.

Why should chicken invaders be realistic anyway?


Well yeah, buy gameplay is priority, like the fact we dont use fuel everywhere. It would be realistic but would make the game bad to play.