Is it possible to an appeal an unban?

I was wondering if an appeal or an unban on the game or forums is appealable by any case. Respond if possible, no pressure. I’ll be waiting.

No, bans are irrevocable. You have extra life in game but no in community.

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Actually, if you are banned in-game, you don’t have extra lives either


Don’t play too much puns because I can smell it.

From Terms of Service - Chicken Invaders Universe :

Breach of these Terms of Service may result in your Game account being blocked or deleted . Blocking or deletion are irrevocable actions, and it is not possible to appeal the decision.

Also, @TIGAR88 , alt accounts are not tolerated. If you’re banned, you’re banned. You had a chance to just wait out your ban and rejoin the community, but you had to make things worse for yourself by messing with the translations. You’re not coming back from this one.


I am not tigar88, infact he’s my brother. I can’t control what he did. But i was curious if he could get unbanned since he played for 100 hours and he. Messed up badly but it’s understandable if he can’t get unbanned. Have a good day or night.

Can you please read?

words of god

Try to be a little less patronizing.

Is it true?

Yes it is

He regrets everything and wants to be back but too late now ig

Also it wasn’t 100 hours but 300

Understandable, have a great day :+1:

Same to you.

Sorry, but according to iA’s post above bans are irrevocable. Even if he had 300 hours of progress as you say, he shouldn’t have said racist slurs, insulted everyone with more slurs and griefed the French translation with swears. All of this could have been easily avoided, however even if there was a chance to remove the ban all the stuff done was extreme.


No doubts, i aint denying anything. Wasn’t okay. He messed up.


Thank you for understanding.

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Swearing at people over the timespan of more hours doesn’t show ‘regret’.
Whether he’s your brother or you himself, he outta here.


IA spesicifally told me to avoid swearing when i asked in translations, so we can keep the kiddies safe.

this is a christian forum and god bless it, we are keeping it sacred :Д

Though the highest usage of swear words is oft seen in the demographic that the censoring of it attempts to protect.