Is it everyone prepped for Noob October?

I may have posted this topic way too late but still the question stands, are you ready for Noob October? This update will change our gameplay experience radically and the worst part is that we’ll lose everything except the keys, so make sure to stock up your keys, hold off any major purchases until the update is done! And DON’T forget to remember your username and note it down so that if you do lose everything, even the keys, you can still get it back by contacting IA. Also make sure to make a backup folder of CIU. Good luck everyone! May the forks be with you!


Noob October was always about making the game more accessible to newcomers (better tutorials, easier learning curve, balancing key economy, etc). It’s not about resetting the galaxy – that won’t happen until Early Access is over.

Having said this, October is a very demanding month for me for reasons unrelated to game development. I expect CIU development will slow down or even be suspended for several weeks. So Noob October might turn into Noob November, or Noob 2020 :smile:

I think we’ll get v.29 before I disappear, though.


Very well, I have noticed that development was already slowing down, so I assumed that something else was going on that slowed down you guys.

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Also, when Early Access ends, we will retrieve all keys ever earned, not only our current balance.


Tbh, Noob November sounds better to me. Go Noob November, fix your life issues first.

Hopefully so, but my other points still stand strong, never forget your username and to back up CIU. I cannot emphasize just how important it is to do those two things whenever a new update is on the horizon.

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I think the save is important not the username. Especially since the save also counts as account information storage as well.

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Anyway I’m fine with the soft reset and those 90 keys aren’t that much for a name change.
I still wonder if we will be get a refund over all of the fuel spent in early access.

Why would you wonder that? If we’ll get back all the keys we have ever had,I don’t know why we wouldn’t get back the keys we spent on the fuel.

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