🌍 Internet & network status

In the past few days, a lot of people have been complaining about slow logins, disconnections, time-outs, etc. I have been able to replicate this at my end as well.

Here are a few things to keep in mind about this:

  • The internet has indeed become slower overall, due to more people using it over the last few weeks. This is outside of the game’s control.

  • Some areas of the world have poor internet connectivity, and those areas are impacted the most when network performance deteriorates. This is also outside the game’s control.

  • The game server’s network usage is very low and well within limits, however it is also hosted on a plan that (I suspect, but I can’t be certain) is being de-prioritized whenever there is heavy traffic elsewhere. This might (potentially) be fixed by upgrading to a more expensive hosting plan, but I can’t justify that yet since the game is not generating any money (and already incurring monthly forum, cloud, database, and bandwidth costs).

  • In attempt to alleviate some of these problems, the game’s time-out limit has been extended to 60 seconds, and the upcoming v.39 has a new login loading bar that provides better indication of progress during very slow logins (specifically, it should avoid cases where the bar loads fully and then hangs at 100% for long periods of time). But, it’s unavoidable that you’ll be disconnected eventually if your network connection is broken.

  • Changing the game so that it doesn’t require network connectivity (off-line play) is simply not possible. Networking is fundamental to the architecture. Huge parts of the game would have to be scrapped and rebuilt, and this is not something I have the time (or desire) to do.

  • As a related reminder, the game is not performing any kind of network filtering. All connections are accepted. If you have problems accessing it from certain countries, then something outside the game’s control is blocking the traffic (your firewall, router, ISP, government). It could also be a temporary international network fault. Again, this is outside of the game’s control.

In summary, it sucks, but it can’t be helped. Be patient and wait for better days.


I recommend that you use a site such as Patreon or Kickstarter as well. CI fans could donate money towards the funding of CIU, solving the ‘not generating money’ problem. You could also provide some sort of in-game or in-forum accesory to backers!


Do you think port forwarding the game server would be able to improve anything?

Port forwarding helps computers from the ‘outside’ access your PC on the ‘inside’ of your firewall.

The connection to the game server is outbound, so I don’t think port forwarding will help.


It will be many days of waiting for CI6.

What would be the potential rewards?

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Potienal rewards: money

I’m talking about rewards for people that will donate to IA.


They could get special badges for donating. Other rewards could include special paintjobs, shoutouts (as PMVN said) etc.

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Medal awarded: Countributor: Thank you for helping us!
They should appear on credits too

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Rewards: design your own :chicken/boss/weapon/wave/spacecraft

Nop, it will just like Early Access when they make ideas. Gifting them Chicken Hunter License?

But right now i cant connect :slightly_smiling_face:

My Internet its to bad in all forms

My first floor router can’t login to CIU but my second one can?? Although my second router has a weaker signal strength?

Did it say No internet

No, it doesn’t

Did you reconnect to 1st router to test with the game again

Yes, I did

Did it fail

Yes, it failed