Impossible keys in Chicken Vending Machine

How am I supposed to collect the keys from the barriers in Chicken Vending Machine if they are intended to be indestructible (the barriers have 10x health). I tried hard to shoot the barriers every time but I only succeeded about half of the time.

I don’t want the keys to be removed, so what’s the point of buffing their health? Probably you’re not supposed to destroy the machine.


What’s your point here? You ſeem to have anſwered your own queſtion.

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GuestUniverse is right, though. Most times the keys are in the way back and you have to skip a key for no reason. A decent fix would be to make hyperbuffed barriers not capable of collecting keys, but it’d also have to work in that other level in which there’s a line of hyper barriers, but 1 chicklen and you have to go through that side, killing the chicken. Tons of times I’ve seen keys applied to the hyperbuffed barriers, but rarely have I been capable of actually getting them.

They aren’t indestructible, I have destroyed them for getting keys. It’s only they have a lot of health.

“From Cover To Cover” is worst wave for collecting keys


If you have a maxed out Vulcan Chaingun, you can destroy one side of barriers before they even reach to the bottom of the screen.

It’s not fair to other weapons.

Judging by the damage outputs, you should be able to do that with Laser Cannon, Neutron Gun and Utensil Poker as well.

Anyway, it is possible to destroy all the barriers even after they reach the bottom, but you have to use either satellites or Utensil Poker at :zap:20.

You can get moſt of them (all with ſmaller ſpacecraft and/or eggular repulſers) at 10, no problem.

No,you don’t have to do it with 20 firepower,it’s possible with just 10.

Okay, I was under the impression that the forks didn’t spawn far enough to the side for you to be able to hit the barriers in the bottom corners.


Corn Shotgun and Hypergun work too.

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