The First Salvo Of Ideas From Recruit #75

I’ve now decided to adopt the tag of Recruit #75, everyone shall now address me as Recruit #75. (It’s really a joke but it would be pretty cool if I was identified as such, it’s totally optional)

Anyways, I have come up with some ideas that you might like,

  1. Slobs: The new miniboss breed added in v29, they have since received a cult like following by many fellow recruits. However, their means of attack is highly flawed due to the great deal of RNG involved. You have a 1.6% chance of triggering a 360o attack from a slob which consists of 12 projectiles. This means that more often than not, slobs are a total non threat to the player and when they do retaliate, they’re very dangerous due to the high number of projectiles for a single enemy and nigh impossible to dodge if you’re using a Bomber and/or you’re in very close proximity to the slob.
    My idea would be to introduce health checkpoints to the slobs which have similar function to the health checkpoints of the Yolk Star, Egg Cannon and Henterprise bosses. For example, there could be 50% and 100% health checkpoints in >40% difficulty; 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% health checkpoints in >80% difficulty and 20%, 40%, 60%, 80% and 100% health checkpoints in >100% difficulty. Whenever a slob reaches a health checkpoint, it retaliates with a 360o attack consisting of 6 projectiles.
    You get a 0.4 second long grace period after triggering an attack where the slob cannot trigger another attack even if it reaches another health checkpoint. If the slob isn’t damaged by the player’s weapon, it’ll automatically retaliate 3 seconds after the previous attack.
    This change will make actual dps more relevant and overall increase the viability of weapons with lots of low damage projectiles like Photon Swarm and Ion blaster.

  2. Cowards: The bluish mini-chickens added in v29, they’ve since been a symbol of terror for many players due to their ability to fire a projectile at the player whenever they’re hit. This has rendered many weapons like Photon Swarm unusable in many missions and has led to an unhealthy surge in popularity to the usage of plasma rifle and Absolver Beam due to their high projectile damage.
    Similar to the slobs, a health checkpoint system should be implemented, although the actual health checkpoints should be modified. For example a 50% health checkpoint in >40% difficulty; 25%, 50% and 75% health checkpoints in >80% difficulty and 20%, 40%, 60% and 80% health checkpoints in >100% difficulty. The actual attack shall remain the same although an increase in the bullet’s visual size (not the actual hitbox) would certainly be helpful. You get a 0.3 second long grace period after triggering an attack. If the coward isn’t damaged by the player’s weapon, it’ll automatically retaliate 3-5 seconds after the previous attack.
    Lastly, their spawning frequency needs a nerf, they’re far too common in higher difficulties. Now some veterans might disagree but remember, CIU is planned to have higher difficulties than SSH, so reserving the mass spawning of cowards for those difficulties is a good idea.

  3. Barriers: These metallic obstacles made by the chickens are well known for their durability and the amount of points they yield upon destruction. However, in certain waves like in Chicken Vending Machine, their health is buffed to the point where a single barrier can rival some bosses in terms of health. This might not be an issue for maxed out players just playing a planetary mission, but when you’re trying to get lots of points, either because you’re in a daily/weekly challenge or because you’re trying to get to the next tier to obtain keys, it makes missions unnecessarily mundane and boring.
    For the remedy, their health should be nerfed to 2 times the normal health in waves like Chicken Vending Machine and The Weakest Link and 4 times normal health in Lethal Connections and Do not cross. This change will make barrier busting a lot more fun while still retaining a lot of the challenge.

To summarize this topic, add health checkpoint system to cowards and slobs, reduce slob projectiles from 12 to 6, add grace time after retaliation for both cowards and slobs and finally, reduce the health of barriers with buffed health.
Feel free to point out problems in my idea in a constructive and informative manner and feel free to change the numbers around.

More idea salvos are coming in the future. As always, may the Forks be with you all!


1&2. You want a health checkpoint where slobs and cowards should attack and they’ll have a cooldown for 0.3-0.4 second where they can’t attack? I agree the fact that the game literally spam mini bosses on high difficulty
3. Barriers in those waves are tougher than normal but you can use weapons like Absolver Beam to destroy them right?

Yep, you got it right.

Well, even with my health Nerf, they’re still going to be tougher than normal barriers of the same type. It doesn’t really reduce the difficulty does it, it only reduces the time required to finish a wave, which is desirable, also it makes the game much more satisfying to play as you feel more powerful. That’s why the infinity chicks got their health nerfed, they were too tanky.

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Cowards already have “checkpoints” for every 25% as they can’t attack more than four times


When was this change implemented? I literally had no idea about it when making this topic.

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It should have been always like that

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How does the idea of the grace period sound then? Lemme know what you think so that I can improve it.

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These are pretty neat, but unfortunately they were already added. But what I do stand with is the barrier one because seriously, those things are my nightmare on said waves.

On the subject of barriers, it’s sometimes hard to tell if they’re even supposed to be destructible or not. I’d suggest doing the following. On waves where barriers are meant to be indestructible:

  1. make the health value either locked or high enough so that they can actually be considered indestructible (instead of just multiplying it x10)
  2. indicate that they are indestructible by giving them either a white health indicator or no indicator at all
    barrrrrr eggbarrrrrr

I’d also suggest making it impossible for keys to spawn in barriers. It’s especially annoying in The Weakest Link, where you can easily miss a key or two if they spawn in a lvl 3 barrier or at the bottom.


Yes. This was talked so much ago and it would be great to have it tackled finally.


cough From cover to cover cough

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They could be just given 0 health, since the game treats enemies with that amount of health as indestructible


The problem with that would be the fact that it would make players keep trying to destroy a single unit for a long time because they don’t know that they’re indestructible.


I wrote that for Emerald.

I would still use my health nerfs instead of just making them invincible, making things invincible that previously were destructible would make the game a lot less enjoyable, both for CI fans and newcomers.

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That barrier seems familiar

It’s from CI4

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