I'm so down 😪

I am very disappointed and sad :sweat:
Guys, can you give me some positivity😞


you wont die for at least 2 minutes

on a more serious note if you’re seriously feeling sad/depressed or having negative thoughts, dm me on discord, my account is mustard#3261

this goes for anyone reading this


You can uh, do smth fun or contact a therapist.

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bro what happend?

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why you sad?

is something wrong?

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watch some top class memes. :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:


shut. up.

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!!! don’t SWEAR

watch some memes to make ur laugh

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can you not

no. i am the meanest thing in existence


Is it possible that your words do not communicate with each other and all the misunderstanding about you? Did you not correct your words usefully?

Because I can’t be mad you :angry:

what? i’m genuinely confused here, if its about the “you won’t die for at least 2 minutes” thing, then yes, its insensitive and im sorry for that, ill remove it as soon as someone tells me they’re uncomfortable with it

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No no don’t. You have to pay your respects back, not to hurt your feelings. I’m not an intruder like you


i dont wanna start a fight here, so i’ll move this to pm for now because i have no fuckin clue WHAT you mean

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Just don’t do anything
there english is well

its on topic cuz its just the reaction

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i have no clue WHAT you mean either