Ideas wishes for the new game


as i was saying some where in a forum i wish that the new game include 2 old school weapons and i mean the green ion blaster who also was the first weapon on the fracise and the neutron from the next wave


How about make them unlockable? For example 30 keys and the box and bullets changes their texture, maybe sound

I realy hope that they will return co-op style multiplayer mode :pensive:


of course unlockable… more items to unlock the game become more attractive!


What game of the franchise do you like the most


Well to be onest I like all the francise even the first one there’s a lot a history :slight_smile: but i think that the last one Cluck of the Dark Side was the best differet waves different weapons


4th and the 3rd. Maybe 2nd, but it is more nostalgic as I was like 4 years old when played it first time


For me is the 4th it was my first and my favorite, amazing cinematic music


How about the Flash Ion Blaster? That existed too.


Hi Emerald nice to see it!


at this point i think that should be better to create a Legacy Weapons with all former weapons the 2 ion blaster a neutron and the old laser and maybe unlockable for 500 keys :slight_smile: :smiley:


For me, I like the 4th and the 5th franchise. I still like to play the other 3 but the 4th and 5th ones are better.


i think The Version should set all the Wave in the universe, Not in the ocean or In the ice or Come back the Earth and Of Course no robot like ultimate olette.


Special chapters like those were cool to see and I wish they would return.


Secret achievements? Like “choose first game ship’s pattern and get the ion blaster”. Maybe it will be more interesting to search them.


As the game will be multplayer, perhaps we could have events? They could be divided into groups, where each has to for example destroy the most UFO’s. There also could be chicken hunter guilds, competing for the top.


Maybe there could be daily quests that award keys.


That’s probably what the planned daily/weekly challenges will be.


Special events on holidays with unique rewards


hey thats pretty good


Daily challenges of some sort?