Ideas to try them all chicken invader and balances (update)

(update 06/28)

First of all, excuse me, I speak very little English and I used google translator for this: I hope you can understand.

Hello everyone, I play from the first chiken invader and after testing 98 hours the universe I have conclusions and more things, I know what it is to work on a game, not as much as (between studies) I have only created a great mod with other people, age of empires 2 2013 The American World, I was one of the main programmers and more things, txt, graphics and more here the link: Steam Workshop::Age of Empires II HD The American World (update 2.0)

I know what it is that people ask you for things, improve more things and other things, so I understand that not everything is possible from all the requests that the game has from the fans, and I am aware that this is a beta, before to continue to bore them with that I begin to talk about the universe.

of that same, the universe, for years since we traveled through the universe, since then I also thought of only a chiken invader that you can travel the universe yourself (not in the way I had thought but that’s fine) (I I had thought of something similar to the shape of a galaxy)

new ideas to add:
solar sistem:


seeing all the stars takes a long time I do not know if it is already but putting the solar system would be a good idea, even other real solar systems, Kepler for example (but I understand the creator of putting original names)

weapons: (picture added)


only one, one or more projectiles have occurred that are divided into more projectiles at once.
chiken invader nueva arma

names for the double teams:


the bosses already have names, right? and the double team? some are only named for what they appear, others almost not but will there be possibilities to create names for each level of every 2 bosses? example: “It’s party time” with “chef”, name: foodfight: x2 Super-Chick, the hero academia.

weapon balances:


finally from the CI3 many weapons were useless even in easy mode, finally we have a rebalancing for weapons and better functions, but some are still bad, even with the best dissipation, I say they can be improved, no it is only to add more damage, it can be balanced because they do not overheat very quickly, weapons that I say can be improved: Boron Railgun, Plasma Rifle, Ion Blaster, Laser Cannon.



paint the weapons, since CI5 we can change the appearance of the ship, and in the CIU it was improved even more with other characteristics, and the weapons? I don’t know how much work the creator would do to make the projectiles. You can change the color, that would be great, right?

levels: (picture added)


surely more than one found a level full of Chickenaut or Armored Chicken, totally impossible to survive or lose all power or all lives if you do not have the 30 slot full of lives, is this so on purpose ?, a level that don’t leave without losing 10 lives or 7? In my opinion it should be more adjusted, an example is the wave demolition crew (in joint gringa), where the place of change of position of the ship is impossible to reach without losing at least 1 life.

chat between people, I think it will come to the future, so wait.

vision of the exploration of other people:


that you can see what I explore and missions completed or lost, that would be great to know how much and what missions to see from other players, in my opinion this is what I would like to see the most.

Music list:


also another improvement, to be able to choose the music for the waves or boss, but it is only 1, you will be able to see a list of which music to choose, if you want only 1, 2 or 4 per wave or 2 per boss, I think That is easy to program: example you like the boss music of CI5 and 4, but not of, then being able to choose the list you could either discard the ones you don’t like or simply not always get bored in each wave with the same music that you bought.

new chickens:


metal chickens, I’m not talking about Armored Chicken, a normal all-metal chicken, weaker than Armored Chicken but stronger than Metal-suit Chicken, same with Chick.

NEW (06/28)
loss of keys/food.


I do not speak of bugs, in battles of xxx the keys and food that expands and changes the zoom for example from 200% to 100% makes the keys and food stay out of camera, impossible to grab, a solution to that will be possible, I have the idea that if you change the zoom you put walls so that the keys and mummy bounce and stay inside the camera.

make favorites before playing a level.


It has happened to me several times that I play a level, I like it and I close the screen of points and I forgot to add it to favorites, I could see a favorites button before playing it or after playing it, we have “save for later” but it is not what same.

Until now it would be all, I had more ideas for you but now I don’t remember, I spent about an hour and a half doing this post, I hope you have also given ideas there.
Excuse me, I don’t speak English, I use google translator, I will read all the comments.


In terms of weapon balance, I don’t see what the issue is with Ion and Boron. Especially with Ion, since I’m pretty sure it’s generally considered superior to Utensil (which should probably receive a slight touch-up).

Plasma will likely need a full rework, probably scrapping both the AoE and its single-hit nature (which is what mainly causes it to overperform, as in order for it to deal acceptable damage, you have to increase its damage per hit to the point where it one-shots most weak and intermediate enemies regardless of difficulty).

Laser suffers from low effectiveness at low power (due to low hit count and damage) and low rate of fire. Fixing the latter will be quite straightforward, the former requires making new volleys (for which I already have a concept).


Any plans to rebalance neutrons?

We’re going to increase its rate of fire (interval 0.263 → 0.248 / firerate 3.80/s → 4.03/s, I could push it to 0.240 if we don’t mind Ion, Utensil, and Neutron all having the same damage values, which we probably shouldn’t). There are quite a few other changes to weapons (from slight interval tweaks to volley reworks), I’ll probably post about them after I talk about overdrive.

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This is already being done as a mod here : Weapon Reskin Library V2.0 but as for it being an actual feature I don’t know, just wanted to point this out.

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Nice. Neutrons feel a little too slow atm, both in terms of projectile speed and rate of fire, so that would be good


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