Ideas for additinal features and changes

Notes: If part of my ideas hard to understand/misleading just tell me and i might fix it. Sorry if my English is too bad, I tried my best to write as polite as possible.
- Exploring Galaxy

  1. An option in Information Overlay to remove Interstellar Highway or/and remove spaceship’s white moving path when moving.
  2. Ability to show exact number of Keys, Foods, Fuel by hovering/clicking on the scorebar on the top right of the screen.
  3. Customizations to change music when exploing galaxy.
    - Gameplay
  4. Add more tips (e.g. random tips about customize ships and game theme, types of spaceships, rare and legendary, weapon descriptions, game features, etc)
  5. Drop 1 key every time complete a mission, to avoid getting 0 key (in the picture).
  6. (Edited, easier to understand)
    Reduce atoms/gifts drop when fighing with big boss (Egg Canon, Henterprise, YolkStar, Shoot the Core).
    Same apply to Crabs, Chef, ect.
    And no key drop for small chickens in those levels.
  7. Force to push the feathers should be ratio with weapons’ damage.
    Thank you for reading.
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I don’t think that is good idea, but the last wave of a mission should drop at least 1 key👍

Its the egg cannon.

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I suggested this a long time ago.

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