Idea: Upgrade materials

Each type of planetary object has its kind of resource, also, planets with environmental conditions have unique resources too.

Main Resources
These are the resources needed to upgrade the ship.

  • Cosmic Ice Block → Increased Thermal Capacity.
  • Starmass → Increased Reactor Power Produced.
  • Liquid Attractor-> Increased fuel Efficiency.
  • No-Weight Gas-> Reduced Mass (If it’ll ever have a negative effect).
  • Blue Lubrificant ->Increased Maneuverability.

You get a certanin amount of resources every time you explore a planet (I’ll list every resource an object hosts at the end), every time you complete a mission and when all missions are completed.
When a planet is firstly explored, the resourced gained will be at a fixed number.
Resources gained after completing a mission are calculated with this formula:
Max Difficulty * Waves /100 Has to be balanced for sure.
Resources gained after finishing all the mission:
Total Max Difficulty * Waves/ Number of Mission/ 100.
So to use these resources, you first need to have a max level ship part, then in the loadout screen or in the galactic story you can press the “upgrade with resources” button colse to the normal upgade button. Each part can be upgraded 3 times and the cost increases each time. Resources that improve direct ship stats (Mass is counted as ship stat), must be spent in the loadout screen, For a max of 3 times.

These upgrades are separate from key upgrades, and can only be performed once said key upgrades are finished, regarding ship parts .

Weapon Modifiers
This is a take on an idea posted long ago by iA themselfs:

WM come in the 4 standard rarities of the game (Common, Uncommon, Rare, Legendary), and the higher the rarity, the harder are they to find (duh), the more advantages at the cost of less disadvantages.
Here are the respective materials:

  • Flare Dust: +% firing rate → -% damage per projectile, +% overheat rate;
  • Vibrant Matter: +% projectile speed → +% overheat rate, -% firing rate;
  • Polarinium: +% spread → +% damage per projectile, -% firing rate;
  • Meteorock: +% damage per projectile → -% firing rate.

So how does the game calculate the rarity and appearance of those? Glad you asked.
First, those materials appear only in specific types of object, like every other mat, but due to their function and different rarities, they have to be handled differently;
Each rarity has a “drop rate” meaning that each object has tot % of possibility that a WM drops. Unlike other resources, these are limited to 1 per object, and they get handed only when all the missions are finished.

BaseDrop %:

  • No drop: 30%
  • Common: 25%;
  • Uncommon: 20%;
  • Rare: 15%;
  • Legendary: 10%.

On top of the base drop rate, a boost to a certain rarity percentage is added based on this formula: Total Max Difficulty/ 10 ( This probably has to be reworked).
So, If the result of this formula is >=10, a 10% boost to a legendary drops is added.
Result >=7 & <10: 10% to rare;
Result >= 5 & <7: 10% to uncommon;
Result >=2 & <5: 10% to common.
Every time a boost is applyed, the % get subtracted from the “No drop” part.

These are just examples based on iA’s post. The combinations can be expanded quite heavily.

Group Modifiers
These resources have the property of changing the weapon group of your chosen weapon.
They don’t function like a normal resources, but aren’t as different as the WM.
You can only get one for planet once all missions are finished and they have also have a base drop rate, but no boost and not rarity. Their drop rate is 10%.

  • Chickenoid Alloy: Metal;
  • Magmarock Shard: Hot;
  • Thunderous Crystal: Electric;
  • Alien Grass: Organic;
  • Supercharged Atoms: Nuclear.

Terran Planets: Polarinium, Meteorock, Alien grass.
Alien Planets: Polarinium, Meteorock, Alien grass, Blue Lubrificant.
Inferno Planets: Flare Dust, Magmarock Shard.
Gas Planets: No-Weight Gas, Liquid Attractor.
Frozen Wastelands: Cosmic Ice Block.
Barren Rock: Polarinium, Meteorock.
Artificial Moon: Chickenoid Alloy, Blue Lubrificant.
Suns: Supercharged Atoms, Flare Dust, Starmass.
Electric Planets: Thounderous Crystal, Supercharged Atoms.
Asteroid Belts: Meteorock.
Wormholes: Vibrant Matter, Liquid Attactor.

These can all be sold at an Aftermarket or maybe in a new store. Don’t expect exhorbitant prices tho. I may add some icons for each resource.


Why same?

What it will do by increasing firing rate to manual firing weapons?
What it will do by increasing projectile speed to instantanous weapons? (e.g. Laser Cannon, Plasma Rifle)

It won’t have an effect

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