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Idea pack $19.99 BEST DEAL
Here’s some small ideas that I came up with that I don’t think deserve topics on their own:

-Military chickens. The one’s with helmets. They would also be able to have different colored suits. Right now they’re all green soldiers, though I would understand if you wanted to keep this.

-Same thing here but for UFO lights. It would be nice to see some color variation, aside from the basic chickens you don’t see often on SSH. Everything’s pretty much metal there.

-This has been suggested before, but why can’t we favourite a mission without playing it? Atleast make it possible to favourite it after you quit the result screen and go to it on the planet after you lost/won.

-I’ve played some boss rushes recently and the key collection time is really fast. When the arena shrinks or turns you will definetly lose some keys. Someone might have also complained about this before a really long time ago.

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The pack contents aren’t a joke however :wink:

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$19.99 for buying weapon

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@InterAction_studios I think you should include paid Expansion packs after release, and make other mission modes purchasable for real money.

“The only truth is not in ideas, but in realization.”

Alright I got 2 more ideas:

-Double click a planet, star or other to instantly travel there (Without clicking travel)

-We have lives lost tracked as a stat, but I think it would only be fair to also see used superweapons.

Bad idea with a ton of misclicking

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How about a hotkey for it? Would also be nice if we could change the hotkeys in settings

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And ability to turn on/off some hotkey events.

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Compare screen: now includes “special weapons used” (:medal_military: Idea)

How can something be a favourite if you’ve never played it before? " :stuck_out_tongue: Anyway, there are plans for a similar feature called “mission to-do list”.

Cool! Though I added that if you failed/completed the mission, you still can’t favourite it in the overworld and you have to surrender because you forgot to favourite it in the overview screen.

For that there’s another feature called “recently played missions”.

It’s all in that huuuuuuge list… Santa would be jealous :slight_smile:


Is the game gonna be released when you put everything from your HUGE LIST into the game? :slight_smile:

nah, probably “when it’s done”

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