Idea: Flotillas

This is more of an organization idea.
In the fleet screen, where there is the “Game is not finished” banner, there will be a “Form Flotilla” button. When clicking it, 2 things will happen: The button will become a textbox, to the right side of it a button saying “Confirm” will appear.
At that point, you can click a spacecraft 2 times to add it to the flotilla, making a duplicate of his panel (Like when you invite people into your squadron) and clicking the duplicate panel will remove it from the flotilla.
When you’re satisfied, you can click the textbox to give your flotilla a name, but that will cost you 100 keys as shown in the confirm button.
Now, the next time you open your fleet screen, you will not see your list of ships, but rather your list of flotillas. Ships that are not in flotillas will appear under those. Double clicking one will take you to the screen with all the ships in the flotilla. From there, the textbox will be in the same place, if you want to edit the name and another edit button will be in the bottom right corner: Double clicking a ship in this mode will remove it from the flotilla. A ship can be in multiple flotillas.
Now for a bit of an unnecessary part.
These Flotillas can be “Specialized”, meaning that they can get special perks that have different effects, such as increasing points in a certain type of mission, boost damage against certain enemies, etc.
How do you access those? EXP
But seriously, just play with the ships in the flotilla and you will earn “FP” (Flotilla Points), then you can spend FP with a button left to the edit button: “Rank Up”.
There are five ranks.
1: Novice (starting one);
2: Acquainted;
3: Experienced;
4: Expert;
5: Master;
Each rank will have different amounts of perks: The higher rank, the more powerful perks and less ones available.
Upon double clicking the “Rank Up” button a panel smaller that the main screen will appear.
Here’s a sketch.

Sorry for the meme, couldn’t resist.
So, the perks will be arranged in geometrical shapes depending on their number. Selecting one panel will bring up the description of the perk in the bottom, because in the panels there will only be the perk’s symbols (That will also appear to the left of the description).
But, to make it more balanced, a specialized flotilla can only have 5 ships.

Man, the unnecessary part is bigger than the main one.

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Yes, juſt the one: Why?

Flew into my mind

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Hold on, watch this,Idea: Wingmans


And this is kinda unrelated.

You know, the like button exist.


Originaly, it was supposed to be more of an organizing thing, when you may have many spaceships. But it kinda evolved into that.

Instead,you could have:

4.Wing Commander

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Actually, yes. You’re a Boss!

Henceforth you should do everything that I say.
Starting with-Don’t use Utensil Poker for three days.(I don’t expect anyone to do it)

Well then i wont play for three days

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