Idea: Wingmans

Here’s an idea to bring wingmans into the game:
-They can be bought as mountables, with a max of 1 per mission.
-Each will have different staring weapons and will behave pretty much like Hen Solo in CI4, but they can be upgraded for 10 levels, each one raising their firepower.
-They could be organized in families or be stand-alones.
-They will appear in Herowares.
-They will disable the “One Man Army” medal
Other things that would be cool.
-Them appearing in the fleet sceen, to customize their loadout.
-Them appearing in the paint screen, to paint them.
And of course, your boi is bacc


they must be expensive since they can use your weapons this means 2x the power

More like 1.5 at max power. But yeah, I dont really know how to price them.

4560 key for a wingman and 300 key for each weapon upgrade

No, the thing is each wingman should be priced differently, like a spaceship. And 300 keys for upgrade? Like the UP costs 144 to upgrade and its the strongest weapon.
I say if it is a fixed price like 50-70 keys.

Hen Solo???

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