Idea Collection [#01]

Hey there!
Thank you for opening my topic.
anyways, let’s begin

Dare Reminders

picture this, you just logged in only to check some stuff or collect the daily stipend reward
you check the “Important” notifications in the game and there are some new dares you gotta play for the league.
if you’re busy or too tired (or lazy like me) to play you’d probably be like “i have 3 days to play. i’ll do it tomorrow…”
but when the “tomorrow” comes around you completely forgot about the dare and when the 3 days end… you just lost some points only because you forgot
i thought it would be a good idea to have reminders
would be like this:


means you have received 1 or more dares but you have more than 2 days of time to complete them
more like the previous one but you have atleast 1 dare that has a time of 1-2 days to be completed
this one would indicate that you have a dare and less than 24 hours to complete it

Separate Icon For The “Important” Notifications

basically, the messages you receive from these 2 tabs will be the red one
and this would be the orange one

“Do Not Disturb” Mode (Edit: Found Out It Already Exists)

inspired by what is seen on discord
you won’t receive notifications or any sounds while getting mentioned
now, similar to that, you can receive notifications while flying a mission
so… how about having this option to be in the “gameplay” inside the settings

i personally find them distracting so maybe that’ll help…?

Quest Progress After Finishing Mission

this image pretty much explains the idea

Training Mode:

most likely won’t get added but eh, why not suggest it.
found inside the “hall of fame” menu…

now, here’s the complicated part…
every week, you will get a set of challenges and missions to complete
if you do, you will get keys in reward



the most basic explanation of it:
the challenges make you face your weaknesses
note: double team missions will not appear in the challenges


NOTE: The reports, challenges and missions reset every week

The Infernal Chick [Boss]:

would mostly appear in super nova missions


Trail Of Debris:

it goes to the center of the screen and starts sending some indestructible supernova debris in the line shown
on harder difficulties, it will do it from both sides

Debris Spreading:

goes to either the top-left or the top-right side of the screen and throws the debris in the opposite direction

Debris Cage:

spawns the debris all around you
it should be in a way that you will 100% be caged
you will be free after a few seconds

Summoning Minions:

can either be already existing chickens or…
The Lava Chicken
or maybe just the pheonix chickens…

they will spawn and will keep following you (like the ones in the yolk star boss fight)

Dark Chicken:

inspired by “Dark Rayman” from Rayman Legends
similar to how Dark Rayman will only go in the player’s path, this chicken will always go for the player (if it’s a multiplayer game, it will go for the closest player)
imagine the assassin chick when it gets hit. this chicken does the same thing without needing to get hit
similar to how coward chickens are normally blue and sometimes colored in specific waves, the normal version of this chicken is purple
also it does NOT lay eggs
also fun little useless detail: this chicken will make distorted sounds when it gets hit or dies

Note: this chicken would be banned from some waves because it can change how a wave works. in other words, this chicken can only appear in certain waves

Thanks For Reading
Let Me Know What You Think


had a similar idea

i actually had this in mind before (wallahi) where you would have decoy enemies and cycle between weapons, with a challenge mode where you have to kill as many chickens in a specific duration, and ship testing where you can test ships before buying them

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didn’t know that existed :skull:

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I love the “Dare Reminders”, since I’m too good at procrastinating, it would actually help kill my habit lol


The dare reminders MUST be in the game ASAP

It would great if you used the phoenix chickens here, i hope you did not forget about their existence in the game lmao

They’ll be a pain in the a$$ but meh, i guess it would make the multiplayer rooms more interesting?

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I liked your "The new boss " and "Training " ideas.
The dark boss was kinda like nightmare but still cool.

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Cool idea!

my post can’t be empty i guess


Cool ideas how you animate them ?


* to actually download this program :nerd_face:


love paint dot net, but thats like the worst name for any software ever, because is an internet domain that they don’t even own. any other name that does not involve a dot in the program name would have been better

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gotta love the .NET framework


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