I want a cheat for key collection

key collection is boring.
i’ve mastered CI5 original edition, and unlocked everything.
but as for Christmas Edition, i don’t have enough patience to do all the collections once more. medals are easy, just keys make me mad.
you guys have any good ideas?

This game will depend on keys even more, so it’s not possible. There will however be more opportunities to collect them.


You game fair play only.You not be a cheater.

Since this game will have a massively-multiplayer aspect, and to keep things fair, cheating of any form will not be allowed. The in-game option will be removed, and if you try to cheat nonetheless you will be permanently banned. But that’s a topic for another time :slight_smile:

On the other hand, there won’t be any Seasonal Editions with separately tracked progress (as in previous CI episodes), so you won’t have to go back and re-do sections of the game again.


Maybe some enemies could change their look on christmas, halloween and easter?


Yes, that’s possible – however, the extra download size will probably not be worth it.

Although, we might only do this on the “Chicken Hunter License” edition of the game (along with higher quality music). This will give extra value to purchasing the license.


Will you be able to get keys more easily with a Chicken Hunter License?

I think that would be pay 2 win. If it did give a bonus to keys, that would probably make the game easier than it should be. And if it instead gave less keys to guests, they may be put off by the grind.

No, license does not affect key rates.

It would be very useful in the other games, but in this game it isn’t possible.

Well regarding cheating in keys in UO and COTDS you can easily give yourself all the keys you want in less than 5 minutes using Cheat Engine. Just throwing that out there.

i’ve tried that, but failed to find the memory address for the key number.
would you please teach me?

No :slight_smile:. Since “idontknow” version cheating is not working thanks to better anti-cheat system.

the best cheat in the world!!!

just… play the game!!! enjoy it!!!