I’ve got best ideas for more Chicken Invaders content

Okay, so basically, iA should re-remaster CI2 (up to v4.00) based on CI2U, but as a standalone game.
They should also make CI6 soon, as well.
What do you guys think about this?

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Well have I got a news for you.

Those were IA’s words when talking about if the episodes inside CIU will stay in CIU or get stand-aloned.

I’m not against it if it’s in form of a DLC for CIU. It would be straight up stupid (to put it lightly) to make a new episode that would take players away from CIU. CIU needs content and 24/7 maintenance. It already got way too much resources and development put into it.

I know IA is certainly able to do it exactly this way since he loves weird versioning, but CI2 having a version v4.00 physically pains me.

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i should make another fangame and pretend it’s CI6 just like last time with CIU


I am against it, at this point, CI6 would be stupid just like you said, few reasons: we already have CIU so might as well just add on to that. It would take players way from CIU like you said. And not that this is anything anyone else cares about, but it breaks the pattern, CIU came out almost six years ago and every CI game before it came four years after the last one, including Universe. Be cool as a DLC but what about people that can’t play them, like can’t pay for them, that would be unfair to a lot of people, they would get to see CI6 but never actually play it. Sorry I ranted.

I think CI6 taking players away from CIU is an overestimation, at least if CI6 is going to suffer from the lack of replayability like the rest of the series. There might be a month long drop but it’d sort itself out fairly quickly.

Though, it’d be nice to see other games of other genres, not necessarily encircled around CI.


Huh? You mean in CIU?:neutral_face:

Edit: oh wait, other games from InterAction, he made some other games back in the 90’s but I think he’s sticking to CI now.

What’s that supposed to mean!? Are you saying the rest of the series did get played very much😳

You don’t want to ask how many times I played through CI4, CI5, CI3, and CI2…

Everyone in this forum has played every CI seasons so damn much…

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you`re right

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I’m at peace now…

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