I need your help

Hi, im actually @PeppaNani, and i created this alt because i have some problems to log in to my main acc, 3 days ago i wanted to active my acc but u think what i have made a mistake in putting the password, because in all my acc from my less important Mail i put the same password in all less accs like scratch or Twitter, but this time, it says what its wrong, and my less important mail for some reason dissapeared as pretterminated Google acc, and i dont remember fine the mail direction, and i have done this alt to call your help, if i get my main acc back, the alt will be unused forever.

I will Wait your replies.

P/S: i will read the replies more late because i have to go to bed now.

You should ask to the best developer of all time, Sr. InterAction_Studios, is the best way

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Eh, i regonize you.

Thanks for your help

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try putting your e-mail and click “Log in with Email”
you should reveice an email to log in

Use the “forgot password” link when logging in. I’ve sent you a direct message about this.


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