An important thing

first Hello i’m medo and actually i forgot my email and password to my account destroyer but it possible anyone ask me why you made this account .good question . i have a problem my Win broken and my i lost CIU data and i made this account because i want help to return CIU data not to talk and make noisy and thanks


1st. Why you made alts? Just why? You want to alt raid this forum? Give us proof that you are Right


Of course for a legit reason. (I meant mohamed2)

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yes this has already happened to me

when you were updating it?

login to the game and fly —“YOUR FIRST MISSION”— and that is enough for 90 keys, set up a callsign like medo3
ask IA to return your account
by telling him your previous callsign and the newer one you’ve set and he will replace them

yes, good

ur welcome


And here we go again…

aww… 0c5215199d95c8c1dbfd8e71acf574986143bd7f_2_666x500
and please don’t share u r personal things here
just blur them


but he’ll avoid okay?
right? @Mohamed2

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Yeah, right. :roll_eyes: I’ll go now, I have online classes.


to deal with

Well. If i didn’t make an alt so how i will solve the problem and known i don’t have CIU data i lost it

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for some important reasons for him, he wanted to make a topic about because to fix things, like he wanted to make his previous account (destroyer) back with his email and password, second he lost the CIU data and he want to restore it, so that’s why he made this topic

Look, i am not making drama but, i will ask something, you still hate the same guy or these situations?


And same to me.

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I got the same issue with my Main acc, and made a topic for that

IA sended me a DM Telling my Gmail Account, and thats maybe the best thing what you can make for your account


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