I need to backup CIU


I’m so sad!
because when I installed Windows 10 build 1903, I lost all data on CIU game. and I need to backup my account. but HOW?

  • I lost the level 43
  • I lost all my weapons
  • I lost my powers
    Help me @InterAction_studios
    Account Name: KiroRamy

Ah sh*t, here we go again (or not…)

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Did you backup your save file before upgrading to Windows 10 build 1903? If so, press Win+R and write C:/ProgramData/Interaction studios and paste your save file there. If not, I’m afraid there’s nothing they can do. Sorry.

Look like he doesn’t backup data.

Well, It’s fine!
I’m starting New Game!

Why not to add auto backup to AppData/Roaming every first run of new update?

I would prefer to finally buy Chicken License (or whatever it will be called). Would make it much easier to play on my devices.

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