Restore option (for next early access)

I have an idea for a person who loses all data:
Okay, first of all, I lost all my data from CIU and I can’t find any options to restore all my data. and then, I found an idea.
To restore your data (or account) go to options/Backup or Restore. and you have to wait until we can find your data (or account). If we can’t find your data (or account), you’re unlucky :frowning: BUT if we found your data (or account), we would give you a message and you will confirm if this is your data (or account) or not. and finally, your data (or account) has been restored. I know this option doesn’t exist yet. But I like this idea (maybe). Can you accept this? @InterAction_studios


Suggested by me in some kind

This folder don’t change after windows updates.

I know but there are more features about restore option.
And I have it!

After release there will be paid license that will allow you to save your data across all devices. Until then just remember to backup.


Oh really!
Wow…just …Wow

Look at it this way: if IA ſtarves becauſe noöne wants to pay for anything, he won’t be able to continue making games.

Ummmmmm. Maybe


Can you please explain how you lost all your data?

@Traveller and @anon27929001 are right that this is a policy decision more than anything else, but this doesn’t mean that the game will go out of its way to delete your data :stuck_out_tongue: . The game already saves two copies of your data precisely to avoid loss.

If there’s a technical issue that causes data loss, then it needs to be fixed.


I just installed a new windows 10 and then I format Local Disk ( C ) to install Windows 10 build 1903.
BUT NOW, When I installed CIU, I started a new game and I’m back from Pro to Noob!
Can you do anything @InterAction_studios ???

Local Disk C: is where your save files are located. If you formated it,it’s likely all gone.


Looks like I’m going to have some problems:

One Russian Guy installed Windows in Disc F,
A lot of virues didn’t kill Windows, because they attack only Disc C



Can you please delete my old data (or account)? Please?
I need to play a new game!

Name: KiroRamy

Another Question: Can I use cheat Engine in Early Access?

To start over, just delete your local data ( C:\ProgramData\InterAction studios\CIU including all sub-folders).

If you want to re-use your callsign (nickname) in your new account, make sure to change it to something else before your delete your data.

As for Cheat Engine, see here: ⚠ Cheating and off-topic policy update

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