I need support for my banned account

Hi there. i very love this game because its nostalgic for me. i played CI3,CI4,CI5 before. but when i found CIU, I became very happy and starting play all my time but 2 days ago i got Banned from game to 1/3/2024. can you unban me? i can’t wait for play. please

my callsign is: DR.Trager
(if its not, try DR_Trager)

You have been banned due to cheating.

There is nothing that can be done right now. Simply wait until your ban period elapses and then you are welcome to rejoin the game.


They got to be thankful for how I made a major suggestion about not making bans permanent.

Bruh, there are like more than 10 public topics each about a player begging on their knees in front of IA for an unban, although they broke the rules in CIU. In the future, if you break the rules and want to beg him to unban you (even though it won’t work), at least do it in a private topic.


I want to ask you something curious: Which device are you using to play CIU? PC or Mobile?

starters/newcomers cannot send a DM to iA unless they have a higher TL.

Well, it takes like 10 minutes, from the moment when someone creates a forum account, to get the required trust level that allows them to send private messages, so…

You’re right, but literally no one who just got banned can’t wait to send a DM without taking the time to reach the minimum TL xd


only 3 days left bro i dont play for one week sometimes be paitient

Yeah i know im try to cheating in game and i admit that i was wrong. im sorry for the mistake i made in game. I promise it wont happen again and if it happens, ban me permanently. So please unban me from game

Sorry, but ban cannot be appealed.

bans are only removed if they were given out due to errors


i dont know how send a private topic. Forgive your greatness

please. i do anything to play again now. What difference does it make if I play now or in a month?

You just stay awaiting your ban either play your game favourite while you end up your ban

No way? nothing?

Nothing. From the Terms of service:

Breach of these Terms of Service may result in your current Game account being blocked or deleted, including any accounts used in the past and any accounts that you might create in the future. Blocking or deletion are irrevocable actions, and it is not possible to appeal the decision.

Simply wait out your ban like mentioned above.

Huh, do we even need to teach someone just because of cheating while iA already did first?


You’d think IA saying it right off the bat would get the point across…