I lost all of my progress

I’ve played game with my friend yesterday for almost 4 hours, i am trying to play today and all of my progress is gone, only one folder in programdata

  1. What is your in-game callsign? I found account Timoszczur, is that yours?

  2. Are you using Steam or stand-alone version? Steam

  3. Did your progress save correctly before yesterday? Or is this a new account that you created just yesterday?

Update: I see 3 logins for Timoszczur. And yes, I see several new accounts from the same IP immediately afterwards so your profile didn’t save properly for some reason. Argh! What is wrong with Steam cloud?!?!

Please follow these instructions to turn it off: CIU version 135 - #198 by Sylphaeri


i tried steps in CIU version 135 135 - #198 by Sylphaeri and nothing

Yep thats mine, i am using steam, and idk if earlier it saved properly

Any way of getting my progress back?

What do you mean by “nothing”? Did you start a new profile, play a mission, quit the game, re-load the game and your progress on that new profile was also lost?

I could add your forum e-mail to your game account. This would allow you to link it and play with it, but you’d have to re-link it every time you start the game. The proper solution is to somehow find out why the game to is not saving its data.

Can you send me this file from your computer?

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\logs\cloud_log.txt


yesterday everytime i tried to start a game i had tutorial

The log shows that Steam is still trying to save to the Steam cloud. Are you sure you have turned it off? In Steam, right-click on CIU in your Library and select “Properties”. In the “General” tab, UNselect “Keep games saves in the Steam Cloud for Chicken Invaders Universe”. Then go through all steps mentioned in CIU version 135 - #198 by Sylphaeri again

Also please send me C:\ProgramData\InterAction studios\CIU\steam\135\CIU.log


If it will work it doesn’t change fact that my 4 hours progress is gone

and i can’t re-link my account cause its says that there is no account with my e-mail

If it saves properly then I will assign your forum e-mail to your lost profile so you can link it.

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Here is the CIU.log Gofile - Free Unlimited File Sharing and Storage

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