I have an idea for a new boss and satelite

This is my first idea for the new update, I hope you like it. So I have an idea for a new boss and satellite, it is of course the final boss from Chicken Invaders 3, but it will be like this. This boss
pobrane (3)
Yes, this one but fixed, and much improved so that First, he will enter, charge his blue laser and shoot at the player like the cannon with the pink laser. And this will be his first phase, his second it will be like the final boss of the yolk star™ from chicken invaders 3, the third phase will be like this. You know that second phase of the final boss from Chicken Invaders 5 and his blue thing, right?This boss will shoot these things at the player three times but, one is very fast, the second is slow and the third is slower, the fourth phase will be like a planetary egg city with chicken invaders 4, Then he will release chickens from the “show who’s boss” wave, his last phase will be like in Chicken invaders 3 with the final boss, but remember how I talked about the blue thing, now shoot He will go in a random direction and release blue things around him like a fully armed chicken in a ship (I don’t mean the boss) And then he defeats him
To make things easier for the player, there will be a satellite and a frying pan Just like the frying pan, as you remember from Chicken Invaders 3, when he took out the frying pan in the scene. It will be a shield for the player against the boss, but it has HP. The name of this boss, difficulty level, etc. will be left this is to you, the creators. By the way, I got this idea based on this video:
By the way, its original creator is Nguyen Hoang Duy
And this is the perfect idea for this new boss. I will be happy if you accept this idea


The Yolk-Master 3000™


the real original


Ou I didn’t know someone just got an idea

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