I got attacked on the forums!

Okay, so, funny story: I was checking on my notifications and then I realized a new user messaged me in private. However, this is a particular call:

First of all, I’m smart enough to tell that Plasma would never talk to me like this in a sudden way. We’ve always been cool together. Because of that, and the fact that I couldn’t find that quote in any topic other than this private conversation, I’m guessing it’s fake-quoting. Just a way to fool me like a troll.

Second, reading this user’s post and looking at the information about them in the second picture, it has to be either Oranuus, Pattary or one of their friends (lol).

If it’s actually Oranuus or Pattary, let’s hope for IA to ban the account.

P.S.: Another picture. :arrow_down:

Again, it’s fake. Tomato must be really mad at me lol.


@Baron @minasam123


He is lol

It IS. Since the screenshot he sent from the user are ONLY mention about Oranuus and Pattary.

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press f12

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Now they’re trying to frame other people, Jesus christ


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Must be duplicated account of Oransus or PATTARY again

Something I love about alting is, they always get funny names.


Ah yes yes yes… starting fake blaming people on forum. The best we could do right now is block the user ‘tomato’.


Suspend IP on discourse when.
They can make endless accounts.

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I’ve never witnessed something like this on the forums before.

Well, this is trouble.

That’s exactly why fake-quoting shouldn’t be a thing on the forums right now.

Looks like so.

IP permanent ban is the best option.

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Or just mention Anas and PlasmaX to confirm these message.

I don’t need to. I know they’ve never talked to me like that so far. But okay.

@PlasmaX @AnasWael

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Sure. Especially if they use a VPN. Would be very effective to ban nothing.


At least that would give it extra steps to make an account.
They always give up after all they failed attempts.

Seems like pattary or oranuus are not gonna give up.

That would also block potential users of VPN who just happened to be on the same server. Of course, as always, the best solution is to ignore whoever does this but of course nobody will do that.


They will, they have to.
After all, no matter what, all of these alts will make 0 difference to the forum.