I got attacked on the forums!

I can’t believe this piece of crap is doing this.

Time to DM IA.

@PlasmaX is these message are real?

I’ll likely get smth like that soon, for replying here.
And ignoring is something I’ll do.

I mean, iA can already see this.

None of these are.

Like I said, those messages above are fake. It’s an attempt to fool us.

No. I would never say that to Starbrockle, also, the English is bad.

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I just ask him for confirmation.

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Perfect line.

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@InterAction_studios Can you ban this guy?

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Good lord how many times orannus and pattary have sabotaged the forums


This guy HAS to be oranuus.

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Can you zoom in? The text is too small.

I never did that.

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Good evening, ladies gentlemen we are here to present you the return of the clowns!


clowns approaching
Deploying anti-healthy conversation measures


@ScarletCuboids @herohesham This is not the time for jokes.
@tomato Pinged him to message him. I’ll invite y’all if I need help with this guy.

The jokes are fine. Humor is always welcome.

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