I can't log in, help me

I start the app but server times out, I can’t log in
what to do?

Do you have active fire Wall?
What connection level have?

What said?
If you cant post anymore, edit the topic posting a image and more data of the problem

Search here, maybe it will help you with your problem

Check your internet, reboot your router, unplug and plug in your Ethernet cabel

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I somehow got lost connection error even when my internet is fine.

Backup your save file and uninstall and reinstall the game

try rice yet ?

I’ve disabled the firewall, I use adsl+ internet 2048MB/sec , but still can’t log in. It says “connecting” then “logging in” and then “Failed, Connection timeout”.
Please let me know what’s wrong?

you need rice

Underneath were it says “logging in”, there are two gray bars. They are progress bars and they gradually fill in (going from gray to blue).

What is the state of those two bars? How much is blue? Does it move at all before you get “Connection timed out”?


idk any thing about that so you but you try rice ? that will help you calm down for a bit