Huge field/free fly mode

Hey guys,

a very experimental idea came to my mind which revolves around playing on a large field.

basically, such a mission would only have 1 wave, but the virtual resolution is about 20000x20000 to 100 000x100 000 pixels, which means that there are hundreds and thousands of enemies on the screen at one (enemies and bosses).

  • When you move close to the border of the viewport, it scrolls.
  • All enemies are spawned on the start, at once
  • there is 1 wave
  • enemies and bosses are spawned randomly
  • you can zoom in and out yourself by using the mouse wheel
  • the player rotates automatically or by pressing a key? (think of a twin stick shooter)

Does this look like a possible concept, or is it too exotic? Is it possible performance-wise?

I’d like to hear your opinion as this is quite unusual for CI and I don’t know if it could fit.


Mobile and Portable PCs wouldn’t be able to do that


hmm, maybe pinching/swiping with 2 fingers? Or a zoom in and zoom out button, or a slider? There are possibilities :slight_smile:

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Not pinching for sure, there is no space for sliders. And mobile phones are not too powerfull keep this. When I play CI5 with lvl12 photon swarm it lags on snapdragon 625.


So we wait for new engine.

This didn’t end well, but I’m still hoping for it. Control over spaceship rotations

There’d be too many projectiles to be ſurvivable.
Not to mention that it’d be hard to expect computers to handle all that, and the programming would be another challenge.


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