HUD Ideas

Hey there, dumb yellow cube here. I have some HUD ideas.

  1. Unique HUD Icons

These HUD Icons look quite confusing in Mission Config:
So, can we just have something like this?
2. Music viewer (I have no idea is this a HUD or not)

Tells what music are you listening to

Feedbacks below!


Full support, did you make these icons yourself?

I guess that’s a QOL feature… but I definitely wouldn’t add it as a mountable.

Perhaps IA could make a little notification pop up that says “Now playing: CI3 Music 1” for example.


I’ve always felt that each piece should be given their own unique name: for example, CI4 theme could be “Ultimate Omelette” or something as it’s really confusing in-store when you’ve got a massive wall of “CIx Music x”, you know? Plus, it gives it more personality, but idk.


Absolutely recommend using the first chapter where each soundtrack was used for the first time.

That way CI3 Music 1 would become “CI3 - The Great Unknown” and I would TOTALLY love that name. I even think it’s fitting.


Yeah, that policy works fine until you start going into CI4 territory. Chapter 1 music, which is my favorite one of all time, I think, should be named “A Race Against Time”, rather than “In a Galaxy Far, Far, Away”, as it is more fitting. Then the CI5 Chapter 2 music, could be named “Eclipse” or whatever the ninth chapter’s name was, I don’t remember it, only that it really fit the music really well. We just have to find what most fits the music, I suppose.

Edit: I’ve found it and it’s “Our Darkest Hour”. It’s really fitting.


I guess then whatever chapter is more fitting. However the example I gave was pretty good let’s be honest.


This has turned from a HUD idea into a which name best suits the music post…


Well, this discussion is kinda relevant to the original post since we’re talking about the titles these notifications would display.


These are both really good ideas - only thing I would say is that the indicator icons are still pretty quick to tell apart at a glance with the example you gave. But a change is needed, I’ll agree on that.

And the music player is kind of a cool idea too.

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yes, I did I used Teko font

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What the hell are you talking about? Mission themes are named: Mission 1,2,3,4 ect. Storyline chapters have nothing to do with the mission music names, since they repeat 2 or 3 times.

I think people are saying the chapter names would be better than simply numbering the themes, and are now discussing how to address said repeating issue. :wink:


You totally missed the clause “could be named thus for better arrangement in the market”.

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Who is this reply targeted at?

You couldn’t be missing the point harder. We’re aware soundtracks don’t have names. And our suggestion is to give them a name that matches one of the chapters where they were used from CI3-CI5.


This whole discussion is off-topic, we were talking about HUD Icons after all.

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Sufi suggested that each piece be named after the first chapter in which it appeared in, and I just mentioned that some pieces would end up with some weird names, and that thus we should take the name that most fits the theme and tone of the song.

Sheesh. It’s really impossible to be clear with what you’re trying to say on the internet.

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That’s some epic editing skills of you there, awesome.

So ‘Wave Insight’ has to be move under this to fit


it will be under the wave insight