HUD Enemy Counter?

A small HUD is displayed under the Mission HUD, showing the total enemies in the wave, the number of enemies killed, the number of enemies escaped, the number of enemies incoming (haven’t approach yet) and the number of enemies left (on screen but haven’t killed). This might be a complement for HUD Progress Meter (showing number instead of percentage). It can be somewhat like this:


The HUD Enemy Counter above shows stats of a wave having 100 chickens in total, all of them appeared (0 incoming), 75 killed, 5 escaped and 20 remaining on the screen.

I suggest the cost of 684 keys. What do you think?


I actually think its unnesecary.

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true but for curious people like me this option could be in Mountable in the galactic store


Kind of a cool idea. Only issue is that, well, it’s a superior progress meter and it’ll make the current one rather useless. But personally, I don’t see why this shouldn’t be added.


Actually all HUDs are not necessary. They are optional and provide additional informations to who concerned. If a significant number of players care about it, I think it should be available.


The ones i recommend are Progress Meter HUD and Pecking Order HUD.

Yes, having them is better but not a must. The HUDs aren’t completely useless, they do offer some benefits.


I’d like to mention some topics demand improvements in HUD Progress Meter. The HUD Enemy Counter should solve some of it.

Link 1

Link 2


It’s unnecessary at all
I love it
It’s good for daring some one or even it can bring challenges like most kills or etc

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The current one is useful in a wave having very few enemies (like bosses, though they already have progress meter without purchase) and also very intuitive. The HUD Enemy Counter can’t show how many damages are dealed to the enemies, or in other words, it counts enemy as a whole instead of fractions. Therefore, I think these 2 HUDs are both still practical and can complement each other.

Speaking of useless HUDs, I think the HUD Point Indicator is the most ridiculous one. The total score is already shown on the Mission HUD, allowing us to approximate the points earned. The HUD Destruction Meter and HUD Damage Indicator are at least fun and more concerned.

I’m currently use HUD Progress Meter, HUD Enemy Health Indicator and HUD Damage Indicator. The HUD Pecking Order Revealer is good for farming bonus points, but I don’t care about it that much.


An extremely upgraded version of progress meter HUD. Kinda a cool idea, though someway it’s quite complicated

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I want to make it as comprehensive as possible though it seems to be a bit complicated. That was all the stats I cared about.


I guess my suggestion is significantly appreciated, so I think I should open a poll. What do you think about the idea of HUD Enemy Counter?

  • Yes please, I want it
  • I don’t really need it but it should still be added
  • No, it’s dumb

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So far everyone voted yes. What should I do next? Should I mention InterAction Studio?


You can.


@InterAction_studios please consider this idea. Is it possible to add it into the game?


Outstanding idea, I love it. Hope it will be added soon.


Although this seems reasonable from the player’s perspective, some of these quantities aren’t explicitly known by the game (especially not in advance). Examples:

  • Enemy groupings are also enemies internally, so they would be counted as enemies in the display
  • Escaping enemies aren’t tracked separately from killed enemies
  • Dynamically-created enemies (pilots ejecting from saucers, pointless enemies in bosses)
  • Certain waves (e.g. “Chicken Quadrants”) create new enemies in the middle of the wave.

In conclusion, it’s much harder to implement that what it might seem.


Alright. You can think about it later in the long run.

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