How to delete a squadron?

Let’s say you have a squadron that has been abandoned for a long time and now you want to delete it but can’t find a way to get rid of it, in case chicken invader universe newbies, they bought 10 squadrons but can’t delete be like…

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Unfortunately you can’t delete a squadron, due to technical reasons. However, you can leave squadrons you’re in.

So what happens if everyone leaves one

You can’t leave what you created. You can leave squadrons you were invited to.

Technical reasons are cursed. One can do absolutely everything with code then why IA studios can’t?

Imagine you have an item in a huuuge database and you need to remove it. Normally if you remove an item from it you have to update at least every entry that goes after it. Even if you don’t need to do that, you still have to mark that one entry that was removed as free for others to fill it. Now, if you need to add a new entry, instead of simply going to the end of the list you have to look through all existing entries, checking whether there are removed ones that can be used instead. This in itself is not much of an issue because it’s handled by the database itself most of time.
Now consider you have to update every other in-game element that relies on the entry that was removed: squadron stats, leaderboards, assignments etc. You would have to go through them and make sure there is no conflicts left.

Now the question: why would you do that if you can simply leave the entry as is?
Note that I’m not developing databases so this example is quite abstract.

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Well, it shows.

Deleting anything from a database should be a matter of few clicks or one query.

No you don’t. They keep everything the same. Especially their ID keys.

And again, that shouldn’t be impossible

I don’t know how CIU and it’s server is programmed, but I would f-ing laugh if deleting one item makes the statistics broken. Who hardcodes that? It needs to be scalable and dynamic to support many of them.

Unless they store some information about each other which sometimes is the case. Though you may be right that squadrons shouldn’t suffer from this.

I’m not sure how data fragmentation would like that, however.

How would you handle a race case of removing an item while the statistics are updating? Exclude it altogether after generating the data? What about notifications that can’t be updated after they’ve rolled out? If people report bugs with wormholes’ timer, they would definitely report a removed squadron in a leaderboards as a bug.

Even if they store some info about each other (but they absolutely fing shouldn’t contain anything about anything from the same table) then deleting one of them shouldn’t have any effect other than moving them up on one position (but still they keep the same ID)

what data fragmentation are we exactly talking about?

Delayed deletion waiting list. Just add an entry to list and run the deletion on it before generating new stats.

Well first of all they absolutely should be able to be modified, but we know IA didn’t make them like that so it would need some kind of check before attempting squadron mission to see if the squadron exists before allowing you to play it.
Like, if the leader decided to delete the squadron few hours earlier than somebody decided to play the mission it would just display “mission unavailable, squadron was deleted”

Databases are not array or even link-list implemented, they are generally dictionary or hash table based and so deletion time is generally O(1). Also simply hiding a “deleted” group instead of deleting it works fine too.

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Okay I admit that I was half-awake when writing this but there is one argument nobody can’t deflect: it works as is, unremovable squadrons don’t really harm anyone but the server, and due to that this thing would be very low in priority list as long as there is enough free space for them.


I agree

I think deleting squadron is from the store, go to the squadron ticket then click sell, I’m not sure if this correct but try.

I not quite sure but it will gonna be random or not

According to iA…

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Oh ok, I have checked its not sellable anyway

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