How these mass work?

I don’t how these mass work.

In the first versions of the game more mass = the ship moves slower

Now it affects only the damage that the ship deals if you crash aganst an enemy

Nobody want to crash their spacecraft (expect put 3 Mass Condenser to bosses for fun). So it’s useless. I though these mass increase my weapon damage

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Are you sure the weight increases crash damage? It seems to always deal 5000 damage,if you ask me.

I know that the mass condeser increase mass and help you to deal more damage
By the way I have never did “crash tests” so I don’t rally know

My ship dealt 5000 damage when I crashed into an enemy,which is the same as previous ci games,and I doubt that it’s just a coincidence.
Mass condenser increases crash damage because that’s what its purpose is. It also does not increase the weight stat of your ship. Not even a bit.

So mass don’t affect anything ingame, right?

Nope, your mass in this game is inconsequential.

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Good to know

They should get rid of mouse sensivity option if they enable this mechanic otherwise it’s kinda pointless

Read the thread.