How Do you think the Space Police will work?

Since its planned to return.
For anyone that doesn’t know what Space Police is: a NPC that only appeared in CI2 durind the mercury cutscene, it chases the Hero as he suroassed the speed limit. It was never seen again.

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Well i have a little suggestion about Space Police in CIU.
When we notice a Police Spaceship, we can interact with by clicking on it.
The list will appear with some small, optional tasks to do (Something similar to Black ops 1 Contracts).
We can accept some tasks and when completed sucessfully we get a reward (ex. Kill 200 chickens in one mission without dying = reward 250 keys + 2x score multiplier).
In general, we can help Space Police arrest some chickens and make the universe much cleaner.


Seems plausible. Tho 250 keys is too much, but its probably an example so.

Yo, bad choice of words. What is this, pacifist run undertale?

Anyway, I also see Space Police as NPC, but maybe not like the Food Droids.
There are 2 ways to travel in CIU:

  1. highway
  2. off-road

What if the off-road is illegal and the police stops you sometimes when you travel using it and you need to pass mission test or pay small fee.

Racing mini-game would also be cool, but good luck to convince anyone to introduce new mechanic to CI game


Not logically possible. Remember the offroad license? yeahh…

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We can:

  1. Delete off-road license (why is there a need for this item to exist god knows).
  2. Make it so that the players without off-road license can travel between systems, but every time there’s police encounter.
  3. On highway you can be too fast and risk encountering the police.

The third option is the most likely option out of the three. This could call for a new mission type!

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sounds kinda illogical for me, but it’s acceptable. Upgrading the Warp Drive boosts your spaceship speed during travel, but it can cause problems with space law.

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Thought the same thing.

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If you say its just random if you go too fast, you leave your game for a while to travel and come back quarter way through as The police stop you. Not practical, especially since ships travel with game closed I think.
Random encounters no no
And so basic chicken missions from them
I partly like the license idea, but later you will just forget about them.
Using strobe lights outside missions is illegal, so that could be a thing.
We just need more illegal stuff first xd.


why would a recruit soldier of united hero force do illegal stuff

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Remember the Hero in CI2?


earth is at serious danger of getting destoyed by chickens and only one hero can save the world by getting to sun asap to destroy the mother-hen ship
police dosen’t care and starts chasing a hero just to pay a fine
epic gaming bruh moment

not that I hated when police chased us in ci2, i just found this moment funny

I thought about bans: when soneone is banned, this dude comes to him and put his ship in parking lot.

Nice idea, but I’m more on the line that it will be an actual NPC

Remember my Rebel boss idea?
What if the NPC police officer assings to the player “arrest the criminals” missions.
As more ships are introduced the more enemy variety can occurr.
These cold be hard missions and a bit different gameplay-whise


Also the first proposition is just… no,no. Davoid is right about random encaunters

well the idea is that we enter a special mission that has like 10 waves

We should just add a new galactical object: Barracks. These would offer those types of missions.

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i actually suggested to have possibility to do side-tasks for the space police
idk, if it’s just me, but i don’t like the idea of police chasing us for driving off-road.